I Make Big Impressions

When it comes to great design and hard work, the proof is in the pudding.


Christopher McNulty

Professor at Auburn University

"It is a pleasure to recommend Lauren Hegwood (Maiden Name) to your organization. As a student in my Introduction to Sculpture course, Hegwood exhibited exceptional promise as an artist, consistently creating objects with a high level of conceptual content, formal consideration, and technical skill. Hegwood distinguished herself from her peers with her intelligence, work ethic, organizational skills, and maturity. She is highly motivated and regularly pursued assignments beyond the expected requirements, engaging in a thorough research and design process. She thrives on discussion and constructive criticism. Hegwood is personable and got along with the diverse personalities within our department."

Ross Heck

Professor at Auburn University

"I am extremely glad to endorse Lauren Hegwood (Maiden Name) for any graphic design positions. Lauren has outstanding graphic design and layout skills. She has just graduated from the Auburn University graphic design program and is prepared for employment. Her design and identity capabilities are exceptional. She was a thorough researcher and she was always well prepared and able to assist and contribute in an informative manner. She was able to communicate effectively with her instructors and made sound design and production decisions. Lauren is an outstanding young professional and I don’t hesitate in giving her my highest recommendation."