Lauren Hodges | Illustrator & Graphic Designer in Huntsville, Alabama

Termite Week


Client | Cook's Pest Control

Created | March 2018

Project Duties | Illustration, Animation

A satire of 'Shark Week', the client wanted their 'Termite Week' illustrations to be bright, colorful, fun, and playful. I was provided with five different termite personalities and illustrations created the previous year by the client. They wanted a fresh start visually, and I was instructed to completely refresh the illustrations, but to work within the content confines provided.

Campaign Results

In one week, the videos were watched a combined 9800 plus times, and had over 170 social interactions on the original posts. (Social interactions include likes, comments, and shares.)

Above: Step 1 Sketch Phase

Above: Step 1 Sketch Phase

All of my illustration projects begin with a strong sketch foundation. In addition to illustration, the client also wanted simple looping animations. Therefore, I also pointed out the proposed animation for each illustration during this phase.

Termite Process Video

View my entire illustration process from sketch to final color render.

Announcement Post

The final animation used to announce the Termite Week social media event.

Sports Termites

Final rendered animation and illustration featuring a father and son termite cheering together while watching a sport's game.

Rich Termites

Final animation featuring two rich female termites taking selfies together.

College Student Termite

The final rendered animation features a college student termite that just came home from a hard days work and fell asleep while studying.

Chef Termite

The final animated illustration featuring a chef termite cooking up something delicious.

Artist Termite

The final animated illustration featuring an abstract artist termite.