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Professional Game Design Document Template

The Story Behind this Product

I got into game design and development about 2 years ago. I taught myself the tools of the trade, began 3D modeling, experimenting in game engines. I read articles, joined Facebook groups, took online classes, and most recently started developing my very first game. Over time I simply couldn't find a Game Design Document that would fit my needs. I found a variety of GDD's throughout the web, but they weren't detailed enough or laid out the way I would like. So, I decided I was going to make the perfect Game Design Document! First I started with countless hours of research spent online comparing and contrasting documents drawn up by other individuals. I also considered my own processes and how I should incorporate them into the document. In addition to creating an extremely detailed document, I wanted to put my BFA in graphic design to use and give it that professionally designed polish. This isn't your typical document template. In addition to the page spreads, I've written up prompts for each and every section throughout the document to help you along the way. I want to make it easy! I have worked EXTREMELY hard on this template. I sincerely hope it helps with your next video game project. I want to thank everyone who purchases this product for their support! Every purchase helps me develop more amazing products like this and helps me with my own game's development. Thank you again!