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First Look StormDeck Review - Awesome Tool for Designers and Artists

So, if you haven't heard of StormDeck yet, it's because it's brand new! This was actually fully funded on Kickstarter a while back (StormDeck Kickstarter Campaign), and I was one of the many backers. Fast forward to today, I recently received mine and LOVE it!

StormDeck packaging with 'How to Use' card

StormDeck is a tool for graphic designers and web designers to help visually and tangibly brainstorm ideas. It can also be used to communicate ideas/concepts to clients. The deck consists of 70 cards divided into 4 categories: Style, Message, Color, and Font. You can draw at random from each deck or select cards that pertain to your specific project. You can mix and match or combine multiple cards from each category. Overall, it's not just a great tool for brainstorming, but a new way to involve clients in the design process. Let's dive in!

There are 30 style cards total. Each card has a unique graphic/illustration that describes the style. These 3 are some of my favorites in the deck.

There are 20 color cards. Each card is a curated palette with hex codes and pantone numbers. These three color palettes were some of my favorites.

There are 10 font cards. Each card shows an example of a font style in uppercase and lowercase depictions.

There are 9 message cards. Each card depicts an emotion/message with synonyms for each of those words and a description of what those words mean. 

Also, I think it's worth noting that StormDeck could potentially be used other design fields such as Game Design, Interior Design, Fine Art, and possibly many other career fields:

  • Game Design -
    • Style Cards - Determining the overall artistic style of your game
    • Color and Font Cards - Color palettes for game menu, HUD, etc
    • Message Cards - Character background, game themes, character development
  • Interior Design-
    • Style Cards - Determining the feel/style of your room, wall art, focal pieces
    • Color Cards - Color palettes for rooms
    • Font/Message Cards - Wall art, room atmosphere
  • Fine Artists -
    • Style Cards - Overall artistic style for a painting, sculpture, ceramics, mixed media, etc.
    • Color Cards - Color palette used in artwork
    • Message - Emotion/Message conveyed in the artwork

I love the idea behind this. In addition to this deck, the creator, Tim Porter, is in the process of developing an app to work in hand with the deck. It will be interesting to see how it turns out. It would also be amazing if additional decks or add-on packs were developed in the future.

StormDeck isn't widely available yet. I only received mine because I was a backer in StormDeck's Kickstarter campaign. I plan on updating this post once it's readily available (SEE UPDATE BELOW). If you are interested in getting your own StormDeck ASAP, I recommend contacting the creator directly on the StormDeck website

UPDATE 3/2/2016: Decks are available again. You can find them for purchase here.