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NEW! Sugar Skull Restaurant Bundle!

New Mexican restaurant bundle now in my shop! Don't settle for a generic restaurant menu when you can have an overall unique, clean, and contemporary design. Includes a 4-page menu, coasters, and a business card that doubles as a loyalty card. BONUS INCLUDED! TWO BONUS illustration vector packs perfect for promotional items and personalizing your menu design! Get an entire package with a consistent design through all elements of your brand! Easily replace the template colors, logos, and content with your own.

What's the story behind this design template? Well, I am a HUGE taco fan. I could honestly live off of Mexican food for the rest of my life. Yet, there's one thing most Mexican restaurants have in common that drives me crazy: Terrible menu design. You've seen them. You sit down in your booth giddy with excitement, and then you see it. Sitting in front of you is an over cluttered menu design. It takes you 10 minutes just to find the sides, and you can't read the dishes, not because they are in a different language, but because of the font choice. Now, don't get me wrong, there are plenty of other restaurants that have their fair share of bad menu design. However, it was my love for Mexican food that drove me to help provide a design template bundle that would hopefully diminish bad menu design from the earth!