Opened a Shop on Creative Market!

For those of you who don't know anything about Creative Market, It's an excellent site to purchase and sell design resources. In Addition, Creative Market offers 6 free goods every week! These can range from vectors, templates, mockups, typefaces/fonts, and more!

I decided I'd take a stab at starting my own shop on Creative Market. I've put my first three items up for sale. One of my items contains vector files for 6 fruit patters, and the other two are careful crafted self-developed photography images:

Each photo was taken with classic 35mm film, transferred onto watercolor paper using a unique Polaroid method, and scanned in at the highest quality.

Be on the lookout! I'll be adding two more next week!


Lauren Hodges

Who am I in a nutshell? In short, I’m a freelance graphic designer and illustrator based in Madison, Alabama. Although I’m extremely skilled in logo and print design, my one true calling is hand-drawn illustration and typography. To me, there’s nothing more thrilling than brainstorming up a new design or illustration on a fresh piece of paper and the excitement of seeing it to fruition.