Lauren Hodges | Illustrator & Graphic Designer in Huntsville, Alabama

Freelancer vs. Agency

Graphic and Web Designer servicing Huntsville, Madison, and Decatur, Alabama. Why you should work with me instead of an agency.


Why You Should Choose Me Over an Agency.


High Quality + Fair Prices

According to the AAAA the average agency hourly rates are as follows:

Account Executive $110, Art Director $142, Copywriter $134, Media Planner $113

Agencies use one or more of these individuals, and as you can see, this adds up quickly. Because I'm not an agency, I don’t have substantial overhead. This allows me to provide high-quality work at fair prices.

Top Notch Freelancer

Design and illustration is a competitive field. While I understand the stereotype that surrounds the ‘Freelancer’ title, I also set myself apart from the sea of mediocre freelancers. I am a professional with a BFA in Graphic Design and professional agency experience under my belt.

I love what I do

Agencies have to focus time and effort into keeping their employees happy, and let’s face it, one negative Nancy can bring the whole team down in any business. I love what I do and love making my clients happy. This puts all my focus and effort into providing the best solutions and designs for your business.

I'm Not an Agency

Agencies manage a TON of clients. You don't want to get lost in the shuffle, and I don't want you to get lost either!

Agencies need to keep investing in new capabilities and training their staff so as to ensure they continue to deliver competitive advantages for their clients. This can be very expensive and time consuming. My passion keeps me on track with trends and keeps me evolving.

Top Challenges of Working with an Agency

Source: Clutch 2016; study includes data from 500 marketing professionals at companies with 500+ employees. Percent of respondents with agencies, N=422