Lauren Hodges | Illustrator & Graphic Designer in Huntsville, Alabama

Twitch Channel Design


Looking for one-of-a-kind custom illustrated premium Twitch overlays, alerts, scenes, stream packages, and more?

You are unique! Shouldn't your Twitch channel look unique too? Say goodbye to generic boring Twitch Stream templates! All of my Twitch channel graphics are illustrated from scratch and designed to wow your audience!

What I Offer

Custom Designs

Looking for a custom design exclusive to your channel? I offer entire stream design packages and single items (Logos, panels, emotes, etc.) All of my designs include digitally hand-drawn illustrations and simple animation.

Premade Designs

Not quite ready to make the leap into a custom design package, but want one of my mousemade Twitch designs? I also offer premade premium Twitch stream designs. These are available in my shop!


Quality over Quantity

My mission is simple. Rather than producing quickly thrown together designs, It's my goal to make each design as unique as possible. All of my designs are meticulously brainstormed, digitally drawn by hand, and converted into beautiful graphics for your Twitch Channel.

Check out my work!

Say hello to 'Bourbon', a one-of-a-kind Twitch Stream bundle with elements digitally drawn by hand and converted into beautiful graphics for your Twitch Channel. 100% unique!

This overall Twitch stream theme is inspired by vintage whiskey labels with a dash of elegant gentleman musk. Don’t settle for a generic looking Twitch channel!