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Music Composer | Notation Brushes

Music Composer | Notation Brushes


The Music Composer brush set is designed to speed up the process of writing your own music in Procreate or Photoshop. These hand-drawn stampers allow you to quickly stamp down music notes, time signatures, dynamics, and more! Compose music in Photoshop or with Procreate with these stamper brushes and sheet music templates.

Perfect for that spark of inspiration that hits you on the go. Use these **Music Composer** brushes with Procreate and write music on your iPad wherever you go! Once the brushes are installed, simply pull open one of the music templates, select the note stampers and start composing! Easily export your sheet music to PDFs, PSDs, JPEG, PNG, or TIFFS natively in Procreate!

Prefer Photoshop? All the brushes and templates are compatible with Photoshop!


  • 6 Accent Brush Stampers (Procreate and Photoshop)

  • 7 Accidental Brush Stampers (Procreate and Photoshop)

  • 3 Breaks Brush Stampers (Procreate and Photoshop)

  • 3 Clefs Brush Stampers (Procreate and Photoshop)

  • 10 Dynamics Brush Stampers (Procreate and Photoshop)

  • 19 Notes/Rests Brush Stampers (Procreate and Photoshop)

  • 4 Ornaments Brush Stampers (Procreate and Photoshop)

  • 3 Repeats Brush Stampers (Procreate and Photoshop)

  • 12 Time Signature Brush Stampers (Procreate and Photoshop)

  • 2 and 3 Bar Piano Sheet Music Template (Procreate and Photoshop)

  • Guitar Sheet Music Template (Procreate and Photoshop)

  • Single Bar Sheet Music Template (Procreate and Photoshop


  • Minimum Requirements for Procreate Brushes iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, Procreate App for iPad -

  • Minimum Requirements for Adobe Apps Adobe Photoshop CS6-CC / Adobe Illustrator CS6-CC

  • Music Composer is perfect for individuals that already know how to read music

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