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Bourbon | Twitch Stream Bundle

Bourbon | Twitch Stream Bundle


Say hello to 'Bourbon', a one-of-a-kind Twitch Stream bundle with elements digitally drawn by hand and converted into beautiful graphics for your Twitch Channel.

This overall Twitch stream theme is inspired by vintage whiskey labels with a dash of elegant gentleman musk.

Aged. Smooth. Refined. Just like Bourbon.


  • 6 Digitally Hand-Drawn Alert Illustrations (GIF + PNG)

    • Animated, Static, and without background

  • Profile Banner (PSD)

  • Profile Graphic (PNG)

  • Bottom Bar In-Stream Graphic (PNG)

  • Top Bar In-Stream Graphic (PNG)

  • Camera Window Graphics (PNG)

    • 2 Color Variations

  • Filigree Frame Graphic (PNG)

  • 7 Panel Graphics (PNG)

  • 3 Scenes Animated and Static (PNG + GIF)

    • Intermission, Starting Soon, and Stream Ending

  • 1 Static Scene (PNG)

    • Offline


  • Photoshop

  • OBS, Streamlabs OBS, Bebo, or XSplit

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