Illustrations for Red Sage Gives Back 2014 Christmas Campaign

So, at the end of November my boss came to me and asked if I would do some illustrations for this years Christmas campaign. I of course said yes and was very excited to be a part of it. When the theme was finally chosen, the challenge began. I had about 8-9 hours to draw up each illustration and get it outlined and layered in Illustrator and then textured and detailed in Photoshop.

Note: Credit to Mark Moore for campaign logo and arrangements.

About the Campaign

Red Sage is stuffing a local non-profit's stocking this holiday season with our Red Sage Gives Back campaign. Instead of sending holiday gifts to our customers, Red Sage makes a donation to a local non-profit in honor of our customers every year. This year, each staff member nominated a local non-profit, and then we asked the non-profits to submit a video about their non-profit.

I nominated the Land Trust of North Alabama (It's also my favorite stocking). I encourage you to vote for your favorite. Voting ends December 22nd at 5pm.

Preliminary Sketches
All of the individual Facebook graphics. One non-profit backed out in the end, and one of my stocking illustrations didn't make it to the final cut. Decided to show you all anyway.

Lauren Hodges

Who am I in a nutshell? In short, I’m a freelance graphic designer and illustrator based in Madison, Alabama. Although I’m extremely skilled in logo and print design, my one true calling is hand-drawn illustration and typography. To me, there’s nothing more thrilling than brainstorming up a new design or illustration on a fresh piece of paper and the excitement of seeing it to fruition.